Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Indefinite Hiatus of my Metamorphosis ©

The Indefinite Hiatus of my Metamorphosis ©

When certain fear hits you and there's no where else to turn...
You feel your lonely existence start to crash and burn...

Tragedy is a mere knock at the door...
All you can do is wait...

You do not want to answer for may think it's too late...

Scared to think of the things that may come to pass...
Eerie thoughts of sadness that you never had before...
Start to fill my head with madness...

I conjure ways to make it stop and I finally realize what I'm fighting deep inside...

I'm ever so changing...
My metamorphosis not complete...

I feel obsolete...
Scared and a bit obtuse...

Not wanting to change and not wanting to choose...

Be this way or be that...
Stop the clock and change it back...

Maturity is in there...
Immaturity is aside...

I want to be both but I don't want to fight against these demons that tell me who I want to be...

I sit in this cocoon...
Watching my fate...
I control it...
But I rather just wait...

I'm just no ready yet...
Don't know if I'll ever be why show the world what I'm made of...
When they don't care to see...

So I let my inner self fight to the death...
Maybe I'll know who I'll be...

By Algie Lesia Stephens

Monday, November 8, 2010

Decent People... Decent Evil...

Decent People... Decent Evil...

There is just no decent people all there is, just decent evil
I woke up the other day, wandering round the other way...
gazing up on the high...
all the pain could not erase
I looked again the other way and saw a man without a face...
he tried to sing, but a cry,
came forth unto the light
Come on now you really think it's over
It's not luck from your four leaf clover
It's not funny from your sense of lies
In your stupid, perverse little minds
For my best to understand for the evil is at hand
Their smiles were as crooked as their teeth
The pain inside will always bleed...
It makes me sick...
I want to bang my fist against the wall
Why even bother screaming when no listens at all
What's the point of trying to show people you do best as you can
When this world is full of fools
What's the use talking when no one listens
What's the point of trying when know one cares
What's the point of loving when you're all alone
What's the point of learning when no one wants to teach
I don't know how this void inside got bigger and bigger
Too much sadness is filling it
I would take it away
But what's the point of trying to love again when no one wants to love
It only hurts more trying to decipher my emotions
Happiness is something I once had
But now it's just a mere shadow of itself that I've blown away
What's the point of trying to notice you when you don't even look
Is my imperfections or your standards of intelligence not enough for you
What's the point of crying when no one wipes your tears
What's the point?

By Algie Lesia Stephens

Exposing the roots of all evil & envy ©

Exposing the roots of all evil & envy ©

This world is so dense
The air is so heavy
I wake up in the morning
I try to walk

shake off the ignorance and pain from yesterday
But I know as soon as I'm done

it shall grasps it's tenacious claws on me
And drain all of my energy away

It seems like I'm waking in slow motion
Everyone is so loud
I keep to myself

I'm humble
I clash with the other existingb beings around me

They do not like me
They think I'm some other life form

But I'm of higher intelligence

I smell something


I coherse a smile
They look down upon me
Their inferior ways try to engulf me
but I look past it

Sometimes I feel like why is this happening???
But everything happens for a reason

Those rich hungry money snobs
Only trying grab what they can

Annuit Cœptis inprinted all over their hands
Dollars signs in their eyes

Some people like greed
some people like pain

why go back to the ones that hurt you most?
why go back to old habits that killed you on the inside?

Why not let go?
Do you like the ever growing violence that's always impending around you?

Do like to take this money and throw it in my face?
Do your fancy cars make you happy?

You think you can tear at me from the inside and takes what's the most important to me?

my HEART...
my MIND...

You can't take it
I won't let you

your words can not entrap me

everyday I look into their faces
this conudrum going unanswered day by day

egregious is what they are
they want to be immortal

low and behold something is eating away at them
slowly and mentally

So I don't give up
I stride and pick me head up
For I know these leeches only want the best from me

But sometimes on my worst days

I hide my eyes to shield me from this treacherous world
I cover my ears in silence to shield the thunder that shakes my brain

I shall not let this world tortue me nor tarnish my soul
but I continue to scream to the unheard masses

don't give up
you day soon shall come

by Algie Lesia Stephens ™

A girl named Algie©

I will never change for anyone
I won't change for you

I'm only human

To my own self I shall stay true

I don't want to be a princess
I don't want to be some queen

I only want to be Algie
I only want to be me

I'm not some super model
I'm not 5'9'

I'm not some super star
That's made for glory and fame

I'm just a regular girl
Who at times feel heartache & pain

I'm not some pretty knock out
Who's sure to steal the show

I'm just a regular little lady
With far to even to go

I'm short
I'm silly

My laugh is quirky at times

I love the way I smirk & smile

I get sad therefore I cry

When I do I cry
I do it silently and I do it in the rain

So no one can see what's happening or ask about my pain

I'm a hippie
I'm a smoker

Occasionally a midnight tolker

I'm a loner
I'm a rebel

I'm an artist
I'm a writer

I create beautiful things
That's the only things I'm vain about

My true passion in life

To create something beautiful
To create something with soul

To make something to wonderful
To cherish something so bold

I'm a mother
Who is there
Who will never go away

I'm a friend
I'm a sister

I'll never go astray

I can be a lover
I'm kisser
I want to be one day

I want to hold and tell you I love you
But I'll do it some way

Well there's not much more to tell you
In any other way

I'm just a girl named Algie

What more do I have to say???

By Algie Lesia Stephens™