Monday, November 8, 2010

Decent People... Decent Evil...

Decent People... Decent Evil...

There is just no decent people all there is, just decent evil
I woke up the other day, wandering round the other way...
gazing up on the high...
all the pain could not erase
I looked again the other way and saw a man without a face...
he tried to sing, but a cry,
came forth unto the light
Come on now you really think it's over
It's not luck from your four leaf clover
It's not funny from your sense of lies
In your stupid, perverse little minds
For my best to understand for the evil is at hand
Their smiles were as crooked as their teeth
The pain inside will always bleed...
It makes me sick...
I want to bang my fist against the wall
Why even bother screaming when no listens at all
What's the point of trying to show people you do best as you can
When this world is full of fools
What's the use talking when no one listens
What's the point of trying when know one cares
What's the point of loving when you're all alone
What's the point of learning when no one wants to teach
I don't know how this void inside got bigger and bigger
Too much sadness is filling it
I would take it away
But what's the point of trying to love again when no one wants to love
It only hurts more trying to decipher my emotions
Happiness is something I once had
But now it's just a mere shadow of itself that I've blown away
What's the point of trying to notice you when you don't even look
Is my imperfections or your standards of intelligence not enough for you
What's the point of crying when no one wipes your tears
What's the point?

By Algie Lesia Stephens

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