Monday, November 8, 2010

A girl named Algie©

I will never change for anyone
I won't change for you

I'm only human

To my own self I shall stay true

I don't want to be a princess
I don't want to be some queen

I only want to be Algie
I only want to be me

I'm not some super model
I'm not 5'9'

I'm not some super star
That's made for glory and fame

I'm just a regular girl
Who at times feel heartache & pain

I'm not some pretty knock out
Who's sure to steal the show

I'm just a regular little lady
With far to even to go

I'm short
I'm silly

My laugh is quirky at times

I love the way I smirk & smile

I get sad therefore I cry

When I do I cry
I do it silently and I do it in the rain

So no one can see what's happening or ask about my pain

I'm a hippie
I'm a smoker

Occasionally a midnight tolker

I'm a loner
I'm a rebel

I'm an artist
I'm a writer

I create beautiful things
That's the only things I'm vain about

My true passion in life

To create something beautiful
To create something with soul

To make something to wonderful
To cherish something so bold

I'm a mother
Who is there
Who will never go away

I'm a friend
I'm a sister

I'll never go astray

I can be a lover
I'm kisser
I want to be one day

I want to hold and tell you I love you
But I'll do it some way

Well there's not much more to tell you
In any other way

I'm just a girl named Algie

What more do I have to say???

By Algie Lesia Stephens™

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